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Ethics, Copyright and Plagiarism in Academia

Google Scholar is great! It is my primary tool to find academic work, it lists all kind of publications and often provides direct access to the PDF versions of the papers. Another nice feature is that, after creating an account, it proposes “interesting” articles based on the work you published and search terms you used before. Recently, I saw such a Google Scholar Update: Another Paper (let’s refer to it as [X]) cited two of my publications.

Great! Let’s have a look in the paper. Mhmm, sounds like other people do nearly the same as we did. Let’s see what their results are… Hmmm! Sounds like other people do exactly the same as we did!

And what is more: Two papers of us were cited – but the most recent paper submitted to the EMISA 2013 workshop wasn’t. It’s not just that the results presented are more or less equal – this non-cited paper uses very, very, very similar wording in comparison to [X].

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